Usability Workshops

In-house usability workshops are a great way to bring all members of your development team together to focus on how user experience design impacts their work. Workshops provide a platform for the team to exchange their creative ideas – all while focusing on how those ideas can impact and enhance a website or online product’s usability.

Usability workshops are an especially effective tool to utilize at the beginning stages of design to get all team members on board and focused on user experience.

The Importance of Usability to Brand Loyalty

In addition to examining UX and usability fundamentals, we work with participants to see the broader picture of how these both have a profound effect on a company’s overall brand.

Although our workshops are always custom designed for your specific organization and needs, topics normally include:

  • Discussion of user experience and usability
  • User research methodologies
  • Usability study principles
  • Accessibility issues, Section 508, etc.
  • How interaction design impacts product function
  • Budgeting for usability testing

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