Our deep experience in usability research and user experience design spans projects in three focus areas:  Healthcare, B2B and Consumer.

Healthcare Projects

  • Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield

    Indiana-based Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, the largest managed care for-profit company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, asked Mile7 to provide information architecture, design, and usability testing services as extension of their internal design team.

  • AvMed

    AvMed is a Florida based health benefits provider. Mile7 provided an accessibility assessment and usability expert review, capturing findings in an NCQA report.

  • Blue Cross BlueShield

    Mile7 has conducted usability testing for a variety of healthcare related applications for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, a national federation of 37 independent, community-based and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.

  • Cambia

    Cambia, a nonprofit health solutions company dedicated to transforming the way people experience the healthcare system, retained Mile7 to conduct usability testing for Regence’s web-based toolset, as well as focus group moderation for BridgeSpan.

  • Conversa Health

    Conversa Health is pioneering new tools that facilitate continuous clinical monitoring in a seamless fashion for both physicians and patients. Mile7 conducted a heuristic review and delivered a set of both evolutionary and revolutionary recommendations. Mile7 followed that with an Experience Theme workshop with Conversa stakeholders.

  • GlySens

    GlySens is devoted to developing the world’s first truly long-term continuous glucose monitoring system. They engaged Mile7 to conduct extensive usability testing of a product user interface with diabetics, and deliver actionable prioritized recommendations.

  • IMS Health

    IMS Health is the world’s leading information, services and technology company dedicated to making healthcare perform better. Mile7 conducted usability testing of IMS Health’s provider finder tool.

  • InstaMed

    Philadelphia-based InstaMed simplifies healthcare payment transactions for both providers and payers, all in one place. Mile7 worked with InstaMed to provide a design tune-up for their portal site, as well as a re-launch of their external site.

  • JANDrugs

    Jandrugs is a leading international mail order pharmacy based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Mile7 produced a usability expert review of Jandrugs’ online pharmacy website for the company.

  • Neighborhood Health Plan

    Neighborhood Health Plan, a Boston-based not-for-profit Health Maintenance Organization, has provided comprehensive health services since 1986. Mile7 conducted usability testing and captured results in an NCQA Report for the company.


    ORCAS is a health innovation and technology company creating mobile self-management interventions designed to improve physical and emotional well-being. Mile7 conducted usability testing for the company’s health-related education site.

  • PRISM Services Group

    Texas-based PRISM Services Group engaged Mile 7 to provide a comprehensive usability review of the company’s physician finder for an NCQA report.

  • Surescripts

    Surescripts processes more than 6 billion healthcare transactions each year. They came to Mile7 to test one of their new applications that will help streamline a key process for medical assistants. Mile7 was able to identify recommendations to increase user confidence and streamline the overall experience.

  • WebMD

    Health information services provider WebMd engaged Mile7 to conduct multiple usability tests and expert reviews, provide NCQA reports, conduct application accessibility reviews and accessibility roundtables in support of their online offerings.

  • Welch Allyn

    Welch Allyn is a leading manufacturer of frontline medical diagnostic equipment and healthcare products. Mile7 was retained to design the user interface for browser-based software products including a nurse notification handheld tool.

  • Wellpartner

    Wellpartner helps clients and patients achieve successful results with pharmacy distribution and contract pharmacy services. Mile7 worked with Wellpartner to create an online pharmacy site with refill feature and ecommerce for over-the-counter pharmacy products.

B2B Projects

  • ALG

    California’s ALG asked Mile7 to design a highly detailed application to be used by major automobile manufacturers focusing on the calculation of changing vehicle values.

  • Chrome

    Chrome Data, an automotive data specialist, asked Mile7 to evolve their PC-based application to a new web-based application and create all user interface components.

  • Corp for Public Broadcasting

    The Corporation for Public Broadcasting engaged Mile7 to create an online library, self-guided tutorials and readiness survey to promote major and planned giving campaigns across all public broadcasting stations.

  • DiscoverOrg

    DiscoverOrg asked Mile7 to provide a design tune-up and perform a usability testing of the company’s online sales database tool.

  • Greater Public

    Minneapolis-based Greater Public provides fundraising guidance to public broadcasting stations nationwide. Mile7 worked with Greater Public to create a faceted search library featuring hundreds of resources for public broadcasting stations.

  • IDEX Optics

    The IDEX Optics & Photonics Marketplace was designed by Mile7 to be the main channel for products produced by CVI Laser Optics, Melles Griot, Semrock, and Advanced Thin Films. The ecommerce site features 1000s of SKUs representing the four brands.

  • iGrafx

    iGrafx, a leader in business process modeling and analysis, asked Mile7 to design a new interface for multiple website sections.

  • Intel

    Mile7 worked with Intel to design a new user interface for an engineering analysis tool.

  • Jama Software

    Mile7 conducted a series of iterative usability tests with actionable findings to help Jama Software gain deeper insights into how their marketing website could better serve key Product Managers, VP and Director-level decision makers.

  • Keibi

    San Francisco-based Keibi Technologies, a solutions provider for the moderation and classification of user generated content, engaged Mile7 to design a dashboard tool for moderating user-generated content.

  • Learning.com

    Learning.com has products designed to help students, teachers and schools excel in a digital world. When creating their new website, they tapped Mile7 to explore user flows and experience, provide IA and wireframe support, and gain feedback into the new direction through usability testing with education decision makers.

  • McAfee

    McAfee asked Mile7 to design a technical support site dedicated to business users. Development included creating the user interface and icon language for more than a dozen other products.

  • Micropump

    Micropump, the market leader in low-flow gear pumps, engaged Mile7 to create a website, custom configurator tool and distributor portal based on in-depth customer feedback.

  • Nike

    Mile7 worked with Nike to design a site to help build internal company awareness and support for the company’s Product Data Management initiative.

  • Owens Illinois

    Ohio-based Owens-Illinois, the world’s leading glass bottle manufacturer, engaged Mile7 to develop a completely new website showcasing the company’s wide range of products.

  • PacifiCorp

    Mile7 designed wireframes of intranet dashboard concepts for PacifiCorp, one of the west’s leading energy utilities.

  • Palo Alto Software

    Palo Alto Software engaged Mile7 to conduct a heuristic review of the company’s online toolset.

  • PBS

    To promote improved internal information sharing, PBS asked Mile7 to develop a wiki-based information site.

  • Witt/Kieffer

    Witt/Kieffer, an executive search firm devoted to healthcare, life sciences, higher education and not-for-profit industries, engaged Mile7 to develop the company’s web strategy based on extensive internal and external interviews and research.

Consumer Projects

  • Bookshare

    Bookshare is an online library with books and periodicals for people with print disabilities. Mile7 worked with Bookshare to design their online digital library for the visually impaired, all done based on the latest accessibility standards.

  • Capital Pacific Bank

    Capital Pacific Bank asked Mile7 to conduct a comprehensive heuristic review of their website with actionable and prioritized recommendations for improvement.

  • Consumer Cellular

    Consumer Cellular, a leading cell phone provider, has engaged Mile7 to design multiple versions of the company’s ecommerce website targeting cell service for the senior market.

  • Energize CT

    Energize Connecticut is an initiative of Connecticut utilities and state agencies to empower Connecticut citizens to make smart energy choices. They asked Mile7 to conduct a usability test of EnergizeCT.com with both consumers and small business owners.

  • HomeAway

    With more than one million vacation rental listings, HomeAway is an industry leader in the vacation rental market. Mile7 was engaged to conduct usability testing with property owners to capture insights and reactions to a new analytics tracking page as well as updated messaging.

  • Market Enginuity

    Market Enginuity, a Phoenix, AZ-based public broadcasting consultancy, asked Mile7 to create a member services web application for public radio.

  • Mind Candy

    London, England-based Mind Candy Ltd, engaged Mile7 to conduct a product usability study.

  • NWEA

    Northwest Evaluation Association, an educational assessment organization, asked Mile7 to conduct usability testing with children for a standardized educational test.

  • PGE

    Portland General Electric engaged Mile7 to design a consumer-focused informational website with custom drawings to help illustrate a complex topic.

  • Symantec

    Internet security provider Symantec retained Mile7 to create and maintain its web-based Norton product site, including associated promotional campaigns. In addition, a database-driven HR website was built.

  • Vero

    Mile7 worked with financial services provider, Vero, to design the user interface for the company’s banking kiosk, based on usability research and testing.