Focus on Customer Success

The core of our design strategy is focusing first on your customer – whether he is coming to your site to buy products or she is using your online product in her daily work. If you can provide your customer with a positive – and successful – experience, you’ll build long-term retention that’s a win/win for everyone.

With ecommerce sites or complex online applications, there is almost always an opportunity to improve the customer experience in some way, whether by adding functionality, increasing engagement, or making processes more efficient. This is true whether fine-tuning an existing application or designing from the ground up.

Improving the Customer Experience

We’ll work with you to uncover the best course of action by exploring these areas:

  • What role does – or will – the site, online product or app play in the overall brand offering? What is the competitive landscape? What are the opportunities?
  • To what extent do current customers/users see value in your existing app or online product? Are there pain points in their user experience? Are conversion, usage and retention rates what they should be?
  • What is the return on investment of creating a new application versus tuning up an existing one? Are there short-term wins that can be made that will immediately improve the customer experience?
  • Because we live in a complex world, and any extra step in a process – no matter how small – can add to a customer’s overall cognitive load, how can we make things easier for them?

Learn more about the different ways we can help you with your ecommerce site or online product:

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