Design Tune-Up

Do your customers think your ecommerce site rocks? Do your customers find your online product a breeze to use? Do you know what they think?

Very few ecommerce sites or online products are 100% user friendly. The good news is that sometimes all that is needed to improve the customer experience is a design tune-up.

Increase Conversions, Decrease Support Calls

Clients often ask us to help them fix a very specific customer experience problem. In these cases, we start with initial research to gain customer insights, then present design ideas showing a range of solutions. We create iterations based on feedback, with the final deliverable being complete mocks and redlines. The whole process is very quick – usually taking two to three weeks. This is a great way to make quick wins to an existing application/product where there are known customer issues.

More extensive design updates can yield even bigger returns, especially when it comes to increasing conversions or decreasing support calls.

Big Impact on Customer Experience

These types of design updates can be made across a site or product, or to specific areas, depending on the issues to be resolved. We have a number of tools we use to get to the heart of the problem and to shed light on the customer experience, including heat maps, analytics, interviews, usability tests, and customer surveys.

Our goal is to uncover the smallest changes that will make the biggest impact. From research through delivery of final approved mocks and redlines, the process typically takes between two to four months, depending on project objectives, scope and approach. Along the way, we work carefully with the development team (delivering CSS if needed) as the design updates are implemented and pushed live.

Contact us to see how we can help you improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty by fine-tuning your application.