Complete Design

Creating a new ecommerce experience or online product is a wonderful opportunity to make something that really delights your customers and ensures their loyalty. It’s not difficult to do if you have a deep knowledge of their needs and desires – and if you keep them in the loop for feedback throughout the design process.

Understanding the Customer

Our rigorous process gets to the heart of customer needs. It taps our rare combination of skill sets: deep usability expertise and extensive user experience design expertise.

We have an arsenal of tools to thoroughly learn about your customers’ experience. These include ethnographic research, user and customer support interviews, surveys, analytics, heatmaps, usability testing, card sorting and more. The goal is to quickly gain a firm understanding of your customer needs as they relate to the site or product to be designed.

Charting a Path

With research findings in hand, we build out requirements, user stories and workflows that will guide design. In all we do, we look for ways to keep the customer involved so we can benefit from their insights throughout the process.

If time is critical to a project, it’s possible to work in stages, so the development team can start work on one part of the application, while the design process is continuing through other parts.

With every project, our focus is on optimizing the customer experience — and carefully designing every element to be as simple and elegant as possible. Making the complex simple … it’s what we do.

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