Increased Usability Means Greater Retention.

  • Pinpoint where an app’s retention rises and falls with usability testing.
  • Address churn rate with actionable recommendations to increase retention and sales renewals.

Our research experts can test with your actual customers or source testers who match your customer base – while your customer success managers observe in-person or remotely.

Getting to the Heart of Customer Needs and Wants Through Usability

At Mile7 we know good usability doesn’t just happen. Our seasoned researchers use the latest in human factors technology, testing and research to get to the heart of our customer’s needs. Then, we translate our findings into actionable, prioritized recommendations which can be immediately incorporated into the app.

We offer usability research as a stand-alone service in addition to incorporating usability into every project we design. It’s our mission to ensure every customer’s online experience is a positive one.

See how your online experience could benefit from a thorough usability analysis. Call us today.