Data Design

An ecommerce site is only as good as its product data. The best customer-centric design will be ineffective if the product data is inaccurate, poorly categorized or incomplete.

Good Data is the Key to Success

Effective data design takes into consideration a multitude of factors:

  • What is the current state of the product data? Is it well organized and already in an ERP system? Or is it in flux, in need of a cleanup?
  • Will customers need to configure products? Are there custom options or add-ons? How about related products or after-market opportunities?
  • Are there existing print catalogs that reflect a taxonomy customers like and are accustomed to?
  • What are the internal data management needs? How will those change over time?
  • What site-generated reports and analytics will be most useful to the sales team and what is the best way they can be configured for easy access and clarity?

Our data experts give careful thought to all of these issues. And we work closely with your product teams to ensure data integrity. Consideration is given to scalability of the database and design of the CMS for ease of administration.

Customer Wayfinding

Data design dovetails closely with a deep study into how customers will interact with the site to find just what they need. We identify useful tools – such as configurators and filtered search – and carefully design them based on customer needs and feedback. Our job is to make sure it’s easy for customers to find their way based on their specific product knowledge and needs.

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