Customer Experience Workshops

Our customer experience workshops are really listening sessions. Typically, we might sit down with a group of customer support staff and begin asking questions. As you might expect, we want to know first what the most common questions are and where the majority of customer support time goes.

We look for the obvious first. What are the issues common to everyone? What are the outliers? Which of the issues could be addressed with an improved online experience?

Once we have a good understanding of the major issues, we can move to ideation and take the opportunity to discuss potential solutions with the customer support staff. Would an online tutorial help? A how-to video? A more thorough troubleshooting guide?

Clarifying Project Goals and Objectives

A customer experience workshop is a tremendously valuable tool that can be used at the outset of any project to help clarify objectives and set goals. An added benefit is that after participating in a workshop, your customer support staff feels more engaged with the project and is more likely to utilize any new products developed.

Improve your understanding of how customers interact with your site or app with a customer experience workshop. Call us today.